Can Pet Rabbits Eat Apples – Fruit, Skin & Seeds?

Hey, if you are new to rabbits or looking for healthy treats to give your pet rabbit then you must have considered Apples. They are healthy and easily available in the supermarket throughout the year

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Apples – Fruit, Skin & Seeds?

Yes, all pet rabbits can eat apples. They contain important nutrients good for rabbits such as Vitamin C & Fiber. Apples can be given with the skin if they are organic but the seeds or the pip must be removed as it contains toxins that are bad for rabbits. Rabbits should only be given apples in small quantities of 1-2 slices each week, too much surgery fruit can cause obesity in rabbits.

How Much Apple Can I Give To My Rabbit?

An adult rabbit can be given one or two slices of apples a couple of times a week. Just make sure that you do not overfeed seet fruits as that can cause stomach ache or obisity in pet rabbits.

That being said, apples are jam packed with vitamins & minerals.

They are known for their health benefits, They taste great to both us and rabbits. Most pet rabbits really love a juicy red apple.

Rabbits are Herbivore animals, fruits and vegetables make up a lot of a pet rabbit’s diets. Fruits can make up about 10% of a bunny’s food intake.

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Apple slices

So, 1-2 slices of a large apples every week is a good amount. Apples are a great treat to bunny rabbits, natural & healthy.

Should Rabbits Be Given Apple Skin?

Apples are a great source of dietary fiber, Vitamins and Phytochemicals like Flavanoids & Anti-Oxidants. They are an excellent fruit to include in your rabbit’s diet.

According to scientists, apple skin actually contains most of the important nutrients that are good for rabbits like the dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K & Vitamin A.

Plus, they contain much less sugars than apple flesh, which cause obesity and gut problems in rabbits. So yes pet rabbits can definitely eat apple skin.

Some of my rabbits would happily chow down on just apple skins, nothing else required. But make sure that your apples do not contain any harmful pesticides or chemicals on the skin.

If you cannot be sure if your apple skin is organic then its best to just remove the skin before gibing it to rabbits.

Can Wild Rabbits Eat Apples?

If you see a wild rabbit in your yard, it is likely that they have made a nest there. Mating season for wild rabbits in the USA starts from March and may last till September.

During this time, you may want to feed them since food is always scarce in their habitat. Wild rabbits usually eat grasses, twigs, leaves etc. They may also eat some berries if they can find some.

Apples are not an ideal fruit for wild rabbits because it is not a part of their natural diets. But other than the fact that it has more sugar, there is no harm if they eat 1 or two slices of apples.

PS – Never give apple seeds to wild rabbits as they contain toxins that are bad for rabbits.

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Green Apples?

While rabbits really enjoy all red apple varieties like Pink Lady or Red Delicious, some rabbits may not like green apples like Granny Smith because of their sour taste.

That may be the case but some Green Apples contain almost twice as much Vitamin C as Red apples and much less sugar. Green Apples are in fact quite nutritious.

lop rabbit eating apple gif

But just like red apples, all bunny rabbits can eat Green Apples. Some really enjoy them too.

What To Do If Rabbit Eats Apple Seeds?

Apple seeds contain Cyanide a poisonous substance that is harmful for rabbits. Cyanide can seriously harm or even kill a rabbit. It is said that it is poisonous to even human beings.

Pips are bitter in taste due to the toxins so most rabbits do not eat them. But in case your bunny ingests some apple seeds there is not much to worry about.

can rabbit eat apple seeds

The seeds have a tough outer covering that prevent harmful toxins from coming out. Even if a bunny chews down the seeds enough to release the cyanide inside, the amount present in apple seeds is too little to cause any harm.

Take extra care to always remove apple seeds. Call your rabbit friendly vet immediately if a rabbit has consumed more than a few apple seeds by accident.

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Blossoms?

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Apple blossom

Wild rabbits eat a wide varieties of twigs and leaves as apart of their natural diet, sometimes they eat apple blossoms as well.

That being said apple blossoms are not an ideal food source for pet rabbits. Some other flowers like dandelions are much safer for rabbits to eat.

Cons Of Giving Apples To Rabbits

Even though apples have a ton of nutrition that are really good for pet rabbits it also contains high levels of fructose which is a form of fruit sugar.

Excess amount of sugars in a rabbit’s diet is known to cause gut problems such a gas & G.I Stasis. High sugar in diet is also one of the leading cause of obesity in pet rabbits.

fat rabbit

That is why sweet sugary fruits should mostly be given as treats and should not comprise of more than 10% of a rabbit’s diet.

Learn more about rabbit diet with our article What Can Rabbits Eat? Rabbit Food Guide

Alternative To Apples For Rabbit

If you do not want to give any apples to your rabbit the there are a bunch of great alternatives to them. Some of the best and easily available ones are.

Can Pet Rabbits Eat berries

Fresh berries are well suited to a rabbits natural diet. Remove any pips or seeds before you give them to a bunny.

Can Pet Rabbits Eat banana


Bananas are universally loved by all rabbits. It is sweet and delicious. Just remove the peel. You can even hand feed them.

Can Pet Rabbits Eat watermelon


All varities of melons are healthy for rabbits. It has high water content and less sugar. Ideal for rabbit’s diet. Remove the seeds if possible.


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