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10 DIY Rabbit Toys Made From Household Items

Rabbits are really active pets that have lots of energy to jump and hop around all day long. If this energy is not directed into safe play then it can often lead to destructive behavior. A bored rabbit can lead to lots of problems for its owners like digging and tearing of carpets or sofas.

The best way to manage this is by providing your rabbit with lots of enrichment in their lives. This could include lots of space to play, a rabbit friend who they can play with and rabbit toys.

Rabbit toys don’t always need to be store bought or expensive. You can even use common household items that are natural, cheap and re-purpose them as rabbit toys.

Here are 10 DIY Rabbit Toys Made From Household Items.

1. Rabbit Toys From Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the fantasy domain for all small animals. Curious creatures like bunny rabbits love to play and hop around cardboard boxes. It gives them hours of entertainment.

Remember rabbits naturally live in burrows, they love hidden places where they feel safe. Cardboard boxes are perfect for that reason. Just pitch a box up and let your bunny have at it.

Are Cardboard Boxes Safe For Pet Rabbits?

Rabbits love to chew so you may find that with time your rabbit may start biting or chewing the cardboard box. According to the House Rabbit Society most cardboard’s should be alright for rabbits to chew or ingest in small amounts.

Just make sure it is no ink or plastic on it. Also remove any glue or staples as these may hurt the bunny.

Cardboard Rabbit Toy Ideas

There are many cool cardboard rabbit toys that you can DIY make at home with just the cardboard boxes around your house.

A simple cardboard maze made out of cut pieces of a cardboard box glued together. Any rabbit will have a great time going through or just chewing on it.

You can also try out an alternative that you can get from amazon.com. It is a cupcake made from rabbit safe cardboard. How cool is that! Overall cardboard rabbit toys are some of the best and cost effective DIY Rabbit Toys Made From Household Items.

2. Rabbit Toys From Toilet Paper Rolls

Believe it or not, toilet paper rolls can make excellent toys for rabbits. Rabbits love to roll & toss these around and have a blast. Their size and shape make them and excellent toy for rabbits.

Toilet rolls can be used in many DIY toys and will surely keep your bunnies entertained for hours to come.

Are toilet paper rolls Safe For Pet Rabbits?

Again, because toilet paper rolls are made out of cardboard or some derivative of it. So it should be safe for rabbits to play with or chew on. Make sure there is no glue or plastic on it.

Toilet Paper Roll Rabbit Toy Ideas

Toilet Paper Rolls are incredibly versatile. They can be easily turned into many cool DIY Toilet Paper Rabbit Toys. Here are a couple of examples

Here is simple hay feeder that you can make out of toilet paper rolls. Just grab a pair of scissors and cut a few notches and stuff it with hay. Your bunnies are going to have an awesome time digging and tossing this around to get the hay.

If your bunny like to hop around then this jumping hurdle made out of toiled paper rolls can be an great option for your pet. Just poke a few holes and stick in some twigs or old chopsticks/skewers.

3. Rabbit Toys From Sticks & Twigs

Well all things considered, stick & twigs are the most natural rabbit toy option available. These things are perfect because they are mostly unprocessed unlike some other household objects like paper or cardboard which is processed in a factory.
Another advantage of using sticks and twigs as rabbit toys is that they are quite durable. As you may know, rabbit teeth keep growing throughout their life and pet rabbits just like wild rabbits need to chew on stuff to keep their teeth worn down.
Offering hard toys which bunnies can chew on makes sure that they dont start chewing down your furniture and that why they are one of the best DIY Rabbit Toys Made From Household Items.
Which wood types are safe for rabbit stick toys?

Rabbits have front teeth that keep growing throughout their lives because they have to chew through so much grass or small plants in their natural habitat. They often chew on the twigs of larger trees as well.

There are some of the type of woods that are safe for rabbits to chew on

  • Apple
  • Birch
  • Ash
  • Juniper
  • Hawthorn
  • Hazel
  • Maple
  • Willow

and then there are some woods that rabbits should not chew or play with. These are usually the ones that have a high Phenol content. We can detect this by their fresh aromatic fragrance. Some examples are

  • Ceder
  • Eucalyptus
  • Pine
  • Yew
  • Holly
  • Cherry

Plywood or Composite Wood can be really harmful for rabbits so make sure your rabbit is not chewing on these. These kinds of products are made with toxic chemicals that can be deadly for bunny rabbit.

Sticks & Twigs Rabbit Toy Ideas

You can improvise some really cool rabbit toys from just some sticks you may find around the yard. Here is an example where you just poke some holes in a toilet paper roll and ‘stick some sticks’ in to get a mini tree of sorts

If you live in an urban where you may not be able to get suitable sticks for rabbit toys or if you are unsure about the kind of wood available in your area then you can just buy some rabbit safe apple wood sticks which are organic and pesticide free.


These sticks are specifically produced keeping rabbit health in mind and can be given to pet rabbits to play with. Check them out on on amazon.com

4. Rabbit Toys From Old Cloths

We all have tons of old cloths in our closets that we do not use anymore. After a while these end up in the trash but did you know that your rabbits can play them?

Old cloths are ideal as rabbit toys because they are safe and easily accessible to all of us.

Rabbits love to dig and chew on fabric. They get tons of fun just roughing and straightening old sheets. They are provably the cheapest to make DIY Rabbit Toys Made From Household Items.

Are Old Cloths Safe For Rabbit To Play With?

In most cases old cloths should be perfectly safe for rabbits to play with. There is no harm in rabbits digging or biting old cloths.

Not only does this stimulate their natural behavior to dig and make burrows underground, it also helps them to release pent up stress.

Just make sure to remove any hard bits that may hurt your bunny like buttons or hooks etc.

Old Cloths Rabbit Toy Ideas

Although rabbits can have fun with just digging up old cloths as they are, it may be more fun for both you and your rabbits if you try out some rabbit toy ideas made from old cloths. Here is an example of cloth strips tied up and turned into an excellent rabbit chew toy.

Just some old cloth bits stuffed into a sock can also make an amazing toy for your bunny to play around with. One of the easiest and cheapest DIY Rabbit Toys Made From Household Items

5. Rabbit Toys From Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks or ice cream sticks are another common household item that can be used as a DIY rabbit toy.

You can collect these after you have eaten the popsicles or just get new ones from the grocery store. These are quite easy to get a hold of.

Popsicle sticks can be great rabbit toys because they are light but durable enough for rabbits to chew on.

Are Popsicle Sticks Safe For Rabbits To Play With?

Since popsicle sticks are designed to go along with ice cream they are usually made from safe food grade wood.

All you need to do is make sure there is no color or stain on it that is not food safe.Remember most things that are safe of us should also be safe for rabbits.

Popsicle Stick Rabbit Toy Ideas

Not only are Popsicle sticks great rabbit toys as is, you can make great diy rabbit toys from them. Here is one one of them

with very little work these sticks can be turned into cool rabbit toys and you can have a lot of fun playing along with your pet. Another one which looks really neat is this one which looks like mini trees


6. Rabbit Toys From Ropes

Similar to old cloths, ropes can also be used as rabbit toys. Rabbits love to tug and drag around ropes. You can join in the play by dragging the rope and let your bunny chase around.

Ropes are quite versatile if you want to get in diy rabbit toy making. Ropes or strings are included in a lot of rabbit toys.

Are Ropes Safe For Rabbits To Play With?

Now this is we have to be a bit careful. Some ropes are made with materials like jute, cotton or coconut fibers which are safe for rabbits to play with. But most modern ropes are made out of synthetic mateirals which may harm your rabbit.

So make sure you go for ropes with natural and organic material. You can also try making ropes out of cloth bits.

Rope Rabbit Toy Ideas

There are a ton of cool rabbit toys that you can make out of ropes. You can use them to tie things together or drag things around. Bunny rabbits love this. Here are a couple of examples

Just stuff a couple of toilet rolls with hay and hang it up and there you go. Your bunny will love to exercise  while getting their hay. Another great example is just a simple ball of twine. Roll it around and play with your bunny

If you have a bit more time at hand and would like to get into some crafting then give this one a try by haging small pieces of rabbit safe wood on a rope.

Not only do these make excellent DIY Rabbit Toys Made From Household Items, they also make very cool decorative pieces in your bunny’s play area.

7. Rabbit Toys From Cloths Clips

Cloths pins are another common household item that can be turned into a cheap and fun rabbit toy.

In their natural habitat rabbits roam around all day in search of food. This is a lot of exercise and helps to keep rabbits fit and healthy.

House rabbits seldom get this kind of exercise and tend to get obese is their diet is not very well controlled and adjusted along with their age.

Cloths clips can be used to hang their food around your house and letting your bunny work a little by finding as well as getting to the food.

Are Cloths Clips Safe For Rabbits To Play With?

Well that depends, cloths clips have parts that are made out of metal wires so it may not be safe for rabbit to chew on directly.

That why I recommend only hang food from cloths clip and hang it in a place where the rabbit cannot get the cloths clips directly.

Only use wooden cloths clips, metal or plastic ones may be too dangerous to play with as they may contain sharp edges.

Cloths Clip Rabbit Toy Ideas

This one is quite simple. All you need is some green leafy vegetables and your cloths clips

Hang up your vegetables around the house like this and let your bunny find them. Trust me rabbits love this, it feels quite natural to them instead of eating from a plate or bowl. It simulates foraging and promotes exercise. Good for the bunny & you.

8. Rabbit Toys From Hay

Rabbits are food motivated animals. This means that they get excited when they are given food. This is why rabbit toys made out of hay can be really good for playing with pet rabbits.

Hay is an essential part of a pet rabbit’s diet. Hay should be the major bulk of your rabbit’s diet as it is low in calories but high in fiber which helps to keep a rabbit’s delicate digestive system working well.

That is why hay should always be available at every rabbit owner’s house. It is the safest DIY Rabbit Toy Made From Household Items

Hay Rabbit Toy Ideas

Hay can be incorporated into rabbit toys in a bunch of different and interesting ways. Since rabbits love to chew on hay throughout the day you can stuff hay in toilet rolls and place them around the house.

You can also try just stuffing hay into a cardboard box and that will be fun for your rabbit too. When it comes to rabbit toys it does not need to be as flashy as you think. Simple things that rabbits enjoy like hay are the best.

If you see that your rabbit really loves pulling out hay out of toys then you can think about getting one of these

Simply fill the ball up with hay and watch your rabbit pull it out chowing it down. Check it out on Amazon.com

9. Rabbit Toys From Old Stuffed Toys

Everybody has a few stuffed animals tucked away somewhere in your house. From when you were a child or after your kids have grown up. Well those can be great toys for your pets now.

Rabbits love to play with stuffed toys, they bite it and carry it around. It all looks awesome.

So consider giving your bunny a couple of small stuffed toys to play with and enjoy watching them play.

Are Stuffed Toys Safe For Rabbits To Play With?

Rabbits love to bite and chew their toys, that is why it is recommended that you only give them toys made from natural materials like cotton.

These days a lot of stuffed toys are made of synthetic fibers which are not good for rabbits to chew on or consume.

Some good types of soft toys that are organic and safe for rabbits are

10. Rabbit Toys From Paper

Lastly paper, this one is quite useful when it comes to rabbit toys. Paper is made out of cellulose, this is a type of fiber which Rabbits love to tear apart and play with.

Usually you will find most rabbits enamored with a newspaper or some old baking paper. Some rabbits love to chew on paper because it helps them to wear down their teeth.

Is Paper Safe For Rabbits To Play With?

Yes, as long as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Baking paper or unbleached papers are the best. Tearing and chewing the paper is fine but you have to make sure that your bunny does not ingest this paper.

If a rabbit eats too much paper then it may suffer from stomach aches or intestinal blockage which may be serious.

So make sure that your bunny has access to paper only when supervised by you.

Paper Rabbit Toy Ideas

In my opinion old phone books or dictionaries are the best when it comes to tearing up. If you are looking to make it into a ball then use wax free baking paper or newspapers that use soy ink.

A paper ball like this takes very little time, just smush up a sheet of paper and you have a cheap and DIY rabbit toy.

You can toss it around and have a blast with your rabbit.



So as you can see these are the 10 DIY Rabbit Toys Made From Household Items. These can easily be made with things around your house and are wonderful when you want to spend time with your rabbit.

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If you liked this post then make sure to share it with your friends and if you have any more DIY rabbit toy ides then leave them in the comments below.


I love pet rabbits and have been living with them since I was a kid. I started this website with the aim to share what I have learned about pet rabbits over the years.

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