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10 Things That Rabbits Hate About Their Owners

As rabbit owners, we often do some things that rabbits hate. All rabbits have different personalities, they have likes and dislikes unique to them. There are things that we do that annoy them but they still love us so much that they are always ready to forgive. So what are these things that rabbits hate about their owners?

1. Being Picked Up

Do you feel that your bunny does not like being picked up? They get annoyed and struggle to get down. But why is that?

Rabbits are prey animals. That means in the natural habitat they live in the constant fear of being picked up and eaten by a predator like a fox or an eagle. This fear has been ingrained into them.

Rabbits also have a fragile spine, when picked up rabbits tend to kick and jerk around. This kind of motion can be fatal to a rabbit as it can easily break their spine.

That’s why most bunny rabbits would give anything to have all for paws on the ground.

How To Safely Pick Rabbits Up?

Well, if picking up rabbits makes them hate us then how do we move them
when it’s needed? There is a right way to pick up a rabbit.

Picking them up in a way that they feel supported and secure makes sure that they feel comfortable and reduces the rabbit hating us.

Here is how you can properly pick a rabbit when you absolutely need it. Although your rabbit may prefer a different way and that is perfectly fine as long as your bunny is comfortable.

2. Grabbing Them From The Back

While most dogs or cats would die for a bit of a back rub, it is not the same for rabbits. Some rabbits get really anxious about anyone grabbing them from the back.

Rabbits have really poor eyesight, that makes it hard to see who is going to touch them. They rely on their short-sighted eyes and a keen sense of smell to recognize their owners.

But these senses work most effectively when you approach from the front.That’s why it’s really nerve-wracking for them when someone grabs them from the back.

You should always approach a rabbit from the front and keep the pats or rubs limited to the head and chin.

Can A Rabbit Be Comfortable With Grabbing From The Back?

Sure they can, each and every rabbit is different. Some may love you for petting them in the back. It completely depends on your bunny and how your relationship is with the bunny.

3. Turning Them On Their Back

This one is a complete no-no for most rabbits. Rabbit hate being put on their backs, this induces a trance on them which is similar to playing dead or paralysis. While in this trace, rabbits are extremely stressed and their heart rate drops drastically.

Some rabbits hate this and will squirm out if you put them on their back. Similar to picking them up, any sudden jerk to a rabbit’s spine can be fatal.

How To Know If My Rabbit Is Comfortable With Being Tranced?

Even if your rabbit is really comfortable being on their back, there may be negative repercussions for this on their health. Rabbits are voiceless creatures, when tranced they cannot say or express any distress they may feel while tranced on their backs.

Unless you are really good at understanding your bunny’s body language, I would not recommend you try to turn your rabbit on its back and try to trace it. It is known to be a things that rabbits hate

4. Putting Your Hand Inside Their Cage

Rabbits are curious creatures and highly protective of their territory. That’s why whenever you put your hands inside its cage, you will find them snooping around and keeping an eye on everything.

Even when you are cleaning out their litter box or changing the water, be extra careful that you do not move things around too much. Your rabbit will be super annoyed.

Put your hands in a rabbit’s cage as less as possible and try to leave things as they were.
How Make Sure My Rabbit Does Not Hate Me Putting My Hand In It's Cage?

Most day to day cleaning and feeding should be more than fine. The only two things that you should worry about when considering things rabbit hate are when you move their things around and pull them out of their cage.

Never pull a rabbit out if it’s cage, let it come to you. Remember, rabbits are prey animals and dragging them out of their home is something a predator would do.

5. Chasing After Them

This one is a must avoid. Although chasing after your bunny may seem like playtime but it can be devastating for your bunny.

When chases around rabbits usually sprint and hop off as fast as possible. They get really spooked and their heart rate could skyrocket.

Not only could this affect their health, it could also mean they start to dislike you and keep away in the fear that you might chase them again.

Don’t do anything that may strike a fear in your rabbit’s heart. If they lose their trust in you, it will be very hard to get it back.

How To Play Chase around Without My Rabbit Being Scared?

Of course there is a safe way to play chase with your bunny. Instead of chasing your rabbit, lure it with a bit of treat to chase you around instead.

Not only is this incredibly fun for both you and your bunny, it is also very good exercise if you have a obese bunny.

6. Taking Them On Car Rides

Well in this day and age, car rides are inevitable. Whether it is a vet visit or a road trip. Car rides are really stressful for rabbits.

It is a loud unknown environment with weird sounds and smells. Its hard for rabbits to be away from their home. No wonder rabbits hate car rides.

Rabbits have a hard time being comfortable in a car, especially when they are really young.

Can A Rabbit Get Comfortable With Car Rides?

As rabbits grow a bit older and get used to being in loud environments they usually get more comfortable with car ride.

Still only take your bunny for a car ride only when absolutely required. Remember, this is by far one of the biggest things rabbits hate!

7. Locking Them Up In A Cage

If there is something that rabbits hate then it is being locked up in a cage. All rabbits years for freedom. They love to move around and explore.

Although there could be multiple reasons why you may need to lock your bunny up for a while like putting them to bed or stopping them from running around. The point of the matter is, most bunnies just do not like being in a cage.

Keep your rabbit free roam around the house and only lock them up for short amounts of time if possible.

How To Make A Rabbit Feel Comfortable In A Cage?

Look, it is impossible to keep your bunny out of the cage all the time. They may climb up your bed at night or may get hurt somewhere during the night.

But that does not mean that we should not make their cage more comfortable to them!

8. Waking Them Up From Their Sleep

A good nap is something all of us enjoy. This is the same for our pet rabbits as well. Rabbits are “Crepuscular” animals, that means they are most active during dusk and dawn. You will often find your rabbit taking naps during the day and night time.

Since rabbits are prey animals, they tend to be light sleepers. They can easily wake up from any sudden noise or movement. Some rabbits even sleep with their eyes open.

Sleep is important for everyone’s well being, that’s why you should always let your bunny sleep as much as they want and avoid waking them up abruptly.

How To Wake Up A Rabbit The Right Way?

With a treat! If you are ever waking up your bunny from a deep slumber then make sure you have a treat at hand.

Giving your rabbit a treat when it feels grumpy will sooth it’s mood and make sure that they don’t get too angry.

Check out how One More Please wakes up their rabbit. I’d say that they have got this down!

9. Making Loud Noises

I’d reckon most pets dislike being around loud or abrupt noises. Its just not natural to them. To animals, most loud noises mean danger.

The only source of loud noises in the wild are noises like thunder or perhaps a tree falling down. These can be very frighting for rabbits, especially when they are young.

Remember, rabbits have one of the most sensitive ears in the world. They have a keen sense of hearing and rely on this sense to get to safety in moment’s notice.

Rabbits get distresses when there are loud noises around them and fear for their safety.It has been recorded that rabbits have died during thunderstorms or fromTry to keep your bun away from loud music or firecrakers.

Can Pet Rabbits Get Used To Loud Noises?

As rabbits grow older they learn to adapt easily to their envirnment. As house pets, rabbits can accomodate a most of the noises in our home.

Anything that is not to loud for most people should be perfectly alright. These would include your TV, Phone Ringing, Someone playing an acoustic instrument or a vacuum cleaner.

Firecrackers or loud speakers should be avoided if possible.

10. Cutting Their Nails

If you have had a pet rabbit for any amount of time then you must know how hard it is to keep their every growing nails trimmed up!

Rabbit nails need to be clipped every few months and it is really difficult task for new rabbit owners.

Not only is this hard for us but for the rabbits as well who has to endure through it. Doing it the wrong way can lead you to cut your rabbit, which may result in pain and bleeding.

Some people go so far to even have their vet do it for them, but that can be really expensive in the long term.

How To Keep A Rabbit's Nails Short Without Cutting?

Although it is recommended that you trim your rabbits nails once in a while, there are ways to reduce how often you need to.

Filing the nails and giving your bunny some digging toys are some ways you can increase the time between two nail clippings.

Learn more on my post on How To Keep A Rabbit’s Nails Short Without Cutting?


Although we do many things that annoy our pet rabbit, it all depends on your relation with your bunny.

Remember just like we love our rabbit, they love us too. With a bit of gentle care you can right most wrongs and build a really good bond with your bunny.

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Please do share this article with your friends and I will catch you next time. Bye!


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