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Can I Get COVID 19 From Pet Rabbits?

If you are asking if you can get the Covid-19 Corona virus from Pet Rabbits then the quick answer is: Very Unlikely.

But let me explain…

The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 has disrupted all of our lives. As it stands of now this disease has brought almost all countries of the world and has brought everything to a standstill. It has completely changed everything we knew about home, work, social life, and even our relationship with our pets.

Owners and pet shelters are having trouble keeping up with their need for pet supplies. There are reports of a global shortage 0f most pet supplies. The most unfortunate part is that some people are being influenced by hoaxes and are abandoning their pets in fear that their pet may infect them with coronavirus.

Here is what the data says:

In the US multiple tigers and other big cats have tested positive for COVID 19, experts at CDC believe the Tiger may have contracted the disease from one of its caretakers who was also infected. Some cats and dogs have also been found to be COVID positive from other places in the world. In the lab, it was also found that some ferrets, rats, and mice were also able to contract the disease as well as cats and dogs.

Scientists have also observed that cats and ferrets have been able to transmit the disease from them to other members of their species. Therefore there is a chance that cats (wild and domestic), dogs as well ferrets

However, there have been no cases of COVID 19 coronavirus infection in pet rabbits. Similarly, most other pets are also deemed safe as very few cases of pets being infected have come up since the start of the pandemic said the CDC.

So, how can we prevent our pets from getting the coronavirus?

The World Health Organization has further advised that all pet rabbits and other pets or farm animals should be kept away from a person infected with COVID 19. Stricter hand hygiene should also be maintained when handling your animals, their food, cages, etc. If you are still wondering “Can I get The Covid-19 Corona virus From Pet Rabbits?” then learn more from the WHO advisory on COVID 19 in pet rabbits here.

Learn more about other common pet rabbit diseases and let us know how you are staying home with your pets in the comments below.


I love pet rabbits and have been living with them since I was a kid. I started this website with the aim to share what I have learned about pet rabbits over the years.

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