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The Ultimate New Rabbit Checklist For Bunny Beginners

Bringing home a new rabbit can be exciting, especially if it is your first time. Having a rabbit checklist at hand can help you make sure that you don’t miss any out any of the essential items you will need for your rabbit.

With this rabbit shopping list you will be able quickly gather all your rabbit supplies so that you can actually spend time where it matters the most, with your new rabbit.

1. Indoor Rabbit Housing

The first thing to consider when bringing home a new rabbit is where you want to house them. Pet rabbits can be either housed indoors in a cage or rabbit enclosure as well as outdoors in a hutch.

We believe that housing them indoors and keeping your bunny as a house pet is always the better choice, for both you and your family. This way the rabbit feels safe, comfortable and quickly bonds with their owners.

So here is everything that you need to house your rabbit indoors.

i. Rabbit Cage

The most important part about a rabbit’s habitat is their cage.

Even if you intend to keep the rabbit free range in your house, you would definitely need to get a cage for them so that you can keep them secure while you are not there or during the night.

Depending upon the size of your bunny, the rabbit cage should have enough space for them to take three hops horizontally and stand up vertically. So if your bunny is 1 ft long then the cage should be a minimum of 3 ft long and 1 ft high.

Here are some of our favorite rabbit cages that we have reviewed previously from amazon.

  1. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit
  2. Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage w/Wire Extension
  3. PawHut 32”L 2-Level Indoor Small Animal Cage Rabbit Hutch with Wheels
ii. Rabbit Playpen

Rabbits need quite a bit of space to play around and exercise. The best way to accommodate for that is to bunny proof your house and let them roam free. But, sometimes that may not be possible.

A rabbit playpen is a temporary enclosure that you can quickly set up or dis-assemble. You can set it up in a room for your rabbit to play and run around in it without the fear of the bunny getting out and causing mischief.

Here are some of the best rabbit playpens that you cannot go wrong with.

  1. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen
  2. New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen

  3. Tespo Pet Playpen, Small Animal Cage

iii. Hay Feeder

Hay makes up a large part of a rabbit’s diet. Not only is it an essential food, rabbits also need some to chew while in their letterbox doing their business.

But there is a catch, rabbits will only eat fresh hay that is clean and dry so providing them hay multiple times a day can quickly becomes chore for rabbit owners.

A Hay feeder is a device that holds a rabbit’s hay and keeps it fresh and clean. Rabbits can only pull out a bit of hay at a time reducing wasted hay which falls on the floor and gets soiled on.

Not only is it better for your rabbit, it can be a blessing for your wallet as well. Here are some if the top choices on amazon.

  1. Spectrum Diversified Hay Feeder
  2. CalPalmy Hay Feeder/Rack
  3. Niteangel Pet Wooden Hay Manger with Seat
iv. Food Bowl

Pet rabbits are notorious for their love of stepping in and tossing around bowls. Don’t believe me? have a look for yourself!

That is why rabbits need food bowls that are heavy and hard to toss or flip over. Remember rabbits can be messy animals and if they flip over their bowl, all their food can land in some rabbit poop or pee.

To prevent food wastage or a bunny getting sick from eating soiled food you need a heavy bowl which rabbits cannot easily grab or move.

Here are some ideal rabbit food bowls that you can consider for your rabbit checklist well.

  1. Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl
  2. RUBYHOME Pet Bowl
  3. Kaytee Vege-T-Bow
v. Water Bottle

Pet rabbits need a lot of water compared to other mammals their size. An average sized rabbit can drink about 150-250 ml water each day. So when it comes to water there are usually two choices, rabbit water bottle or rabbit bowls.

Even though drinking from a bottle takes some time for rabbits to learn for the first time, in the long run, rabbit bottles are more hygienic and safer for rabbits to drink from.

Plus having a bottle will also ensure that you can keep a track of how much water your bunny is drinking which can help you monitor the rabbit’s health and well being.

Here are some of the best rabbit water bottles on amazon.

  1. Lixit 32oz Wide Mouth Rabbit Bottle
  2. RentACoop No-Drip 1L Small Animal Drinking Bottle with Metal Cup
  3. Lixit All-Weather Rabbit Water Bottle, 64oz
vi. Water Bowl

Some rabbits are just particular about drinking their water from a bowl especially if they are not trained to drink from a bottle from an early age. Water bowls can be similar to food bowls, hard to lift up and toss around.

A naughty bunny turning over their water bowl can really create a mess so here are a few that I recommend.

  1. Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl
  2. RUBYHOME Pet Bowl
  3. Kaytee Vege-T-Bow
vii. Litter Box

Perhaps one of the most important parts of a rabbit’s enclosure that you need to get right. Having the perfect litter box will make or break how good your rabbit will be litter trained.

Yes, all rabbits can be easily litter trained. Once trained to use a litter box to poop and pee they hardly ever outside of it. The litter box is definitely a bit part of the rabbit’s habitat.

Although there are quite a few rabbit litter boxes available what you need to make sure is that it fits your rabbit as it is growing up. Some rabbits especially giant breeds can grow quite big and if the litter box does not fit when they grow up, getting a bunny to try out a new litter box can be a hassle.

That being said, a lot of the popular litter boxes should be fine for most rabbit breeds. Here are a few examples.

  1. CalPalmy Large Rabbit Litter Box
  2. Kitty’s Wonderbox Disposable Litter Box
  3. Humorous.P Small Animal Litter Pet Toilet
viii. Rabbit Litter

Rabbit owners have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to rabbit litter. Unlike cat litter, rabbits do not use it cover up their poop, rather rabbit litter is useful for absorbing the moisture from rabbit pee and get rid of the smell.

Using the wrong kind of litter can not only be a waste of your money, it can be an irritant for your rabbit’s skin. Rabbit safe litter or hay are the only things you should be putting in your rabbit’s litter box.

Some safe litter options for pet rabbits are

  1. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented
  2. So Phresh Fast-Absorbing Paper Pellets
  3. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural Small Animal Bedding
ix. Bedding

When it comes to bedding for your rabbit’s cage the best option is to go with something that is natural and rabbit friendly.

Even though there are many commercial bedding products available in the market, most of them are filled with synthetic fibers can be catastrophic if consumed by rabbits.

The best option is to go with paper, wood some other natural material when you want to tick of bedding from your rabbit checklist. Some of the best ones on amazon are

  1. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural Small Animal Bedding
  2. Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding
  3. Carefresh Small Pet Bedding
x. Cage Cover

If you are a night owl or if your family stays up late most nights then you might consider getting getting a cover for your rabbit;s cage.

Most rabbit owners believe that rabbits are nocturnal creatures but that is simply not the case. Rabbits are actually most active during the twilight hours, dusk and dawn. They don’t really sleep for long at a time.

Another factor you should consider is that pet rabbits can often sleep with their eyes open, this behavior has been inherited from their wild cousins who use it to keep a look out for predators even while sleeping.

Having lights on for too many hours a day may negatively affect your rabbit’s sleep and cause their health to decline over time from a lack of sleep.

A cage cover helps in keeping the light out from the cage so that the bunny inside can have a good night’s sleep. Some of the best rabbit cage covers on amazon are

  1. Prevue Hendryx Cage Cover
  2. Ferret Nation Cage Cover
  3. Avanigo Black Cage Cover

2. Outdoor Rabbit Housing

While we typically don’t recommend that you house your rabbits outside, it is a popular option around the world especially in sub-urban or rural communities where lush green backyards are a common sight.

Outdoor rabbit housing can have it’s advantages as well as disadvantages.If you have multiple rabbits then outdoor housing will be an obvious choice as keeping that many rabbits indoors can get real messy real quick.

But, keeping your rabbits outdoors also means that you have to keep them safe from the elements and nasty predators like feral cats.

So if you have decided to house your rabbits outdoors then here is everything that you will need.

i. Rabbit Hutch

The first thing to consider if you are housing your rabbit outdoor is the rabbit hutch. There are quite a few styles and designs available in the market as well. Some rabbit owners have also converted their garden shed into their rabbit hutch which is also a good option.

If you good with your DIY skills then you can also try out some DIY option. The biggest advantage here is that you can customize things for according to your needs and tastes.

That being said, the quick and easy option is to just get the hutch online and assemble it yourself. Not only does it save time, it can also be much cheaper.

Some popular outdoor rabbit hutches on amazon are

  1. Aivituvin Upgrade Rabbit Hutch
  2. Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Bunny cage on Wheels
  3. Esright 81” Large Rabbit Hutch
ii. Hay Feeder

Whether you house your rabbits indoor or outdoors, a hay feeder will always be essential to keep your rabbit’s hay fresh and free from getting moldy.

Even though most of the hay feeder we recommended for indoor cages will work perfectly fine for outdoor rabbit hutches, the biggest factor you should consider is their durability as they will be in an outdoor environment.

Here are some of our favorite hay feeders for outdoor rabbit hutches.

  1. Spectrum Diversified Hay Feeder
  2. CalPalmy Hay Feeder/Rack
  3. Niteangel Pet Wooden Hay Manger with Seat
iii. Cage Heater (For Cold Climates)

If you live somewhere with a cold climate then you having a cage heater for your rabbit hutch is a must. Extreme cold temperatures can be quite deadly for pet rabbits especially for younger rabbits.

Cage heaters are essential to keep your rabbits comfortable even during those cold and chilly nights. They come in many different styles, some require electricity while others can be pre-heated and then places in the rabbit’s enclosure.

Here are some popular options from amazon that we believe to be perfect for most outdoor rabbit hutches.

  1. Cozy Products CL Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts
  2. YB – 150W 110V Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter
  3. Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace

3. Rabbit Food

Once your rabbit’s housing is sorted the next thing to tick of on your rabbit checklist is rabbit food. As you may already know, rabbits are obligate herbivores, that means they can only eat a vegan diet consisting of pellets made from various kinds of hay, fresh hay, vegetables and fruits.

Providing your bunny with quality nutrition is essential to their health and well being so here is everything that you need to get started with a healthy and balanced rabbit diet.

i. Pellets

Rabbit pellets are commercially manufactured rabbit food that are scientifically developed to provide a good balance of nutrients for pet rabbits. They are usually made up of a variety of timothy hay and contain other ingredients which help in providing essential vitamins and minerals for your rabbit.

That being said, there are some low quality rabbit pellets contain very little nutrients but are full of fillers like grain and sugar.

Feeding too many pellets has also been associated to obisity, cardiovascular disease and other health problems in rabbits so moderation is the key here.

Here are some of the best quality pellets that are actually healthy for rabbits, they also come recommended by many rabbit experts and vets.

  1. Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food
  2. Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food
  3. Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets
ii. Hay

Fresh hay is provably the most important part of a rabbit’s diet. Rabbits need unlimited fresh hay as it provides them the dietary fiber needed to keep their digestive system working. The best hay for rabbits is timothy hay but orchard hay and meadow hay also work just fine.

Rabbit hay should be purchased fresh and should not be stored for more than a few weeks as hay is susceptible to developing molds making it inedible to rabbits.

The most popular options in rabbit supplies list are

  1. Kaytee Timothy Hay
  2. Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay
  3. Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend” Timothy Hay
iii. Vegetables & Fruits

Rabbits need a wide variety of fruits and vegetables everyday. They get most of their macro and micro nutrients like vitamin A, B, C, D & K as well as a bunch of minerals like sodium, potassium, iron etc from fresh fruits and vegetables.

They can eat most green leafy vegetables as well as some non-leafy vegetables as well but there are some vegetables especially those containing high amounts of calcium or Oxalic acid are not suitable.

Most fruits are also good for rabbits but they do contain a lot of sugar which is not the best. We recommend using fruits as a treat and only allowing a small amount at a time.

iv. Water

Rabbits can drink regular drinking water the same kind as you drink. Make sure that the water you provide is clean and change it everyday or if you notice some dirt in it.

If you live in a very cold environment then make sure that your rabbit’s water does not freeze over. Always make sure that your rabbit has drinking water available for them.

4. Rabbit Grooming

Rabbits are nature’s neat freaks, they are impeccable groomers who devote a lot of their day to cleaning themselves. In fact, rabbits are so good at grooming themselves that they do not even need bathing.

Grooming is also a big social activity for rabbits, they like to groom each other and their humans as a sign of affection

While rabbits do not need too much cleaning or grooming from their owners, they do need to get their nails clipped and brushed to remove shedding fur.

i. Large Towel

I just said rabbits do not need to be bathed then why do you need a towel? It is for the bunny burrito.

Most rabbits I know would never sit in quietly in one place while you are grooming, combing, brushing, clipping nails or just giving your bunny a check up. Wrapping the rabbit up in a large towel helps to calm them down and restrain them.

This makes it possible to groom even the most restless of rabbits and all of it without the bunny getting hurt.

ii. Rabbit Nail Clippers

Rabbit nails can be really sharp, in their natural environment, rabbits live in extensive burrows called warrens. They dig these out with the help of their nails or claws.

But their sharp claws can quite easily scratch or cut their owners. They can also injure themselves while itching or scratching if they have long and sharp nails. That is why keeping a pet rabbit’s nails clipped is essential.

Rabbit nail clippers are specifically designed to cut rabbit nails, they have a curved blade that wraps around a rabbit’s claw and trims it without causing any pain to the rabbit.

That being said, improper trimming of the nails can hurt the rabbit and even cause the nail to bleed.

Here are some of the highest quality pet nail clippers that we really like

  1. Gonicc Pets Nail Clipper
  2. Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals
  3. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder
iii. Nail Files

Nail files are also a great tool to keep your rabbit nails neatly trimmed and filed. Having rabbit nails filed to a blunt tip makes it safer for both the rabbit and humans.

Regularly trimming and filing rabbit nails not only keeps the nail healthy. It also prevents injury while grooming or itching. If you have multiple rabbits, then having their nails filed may also reduce play-related injuries.

iv. Rabbit Safe Brush & Comb

The last and perhaps two of the of the most important grooming tools for you pet rabbit are their brush and comb. Pet rabbits can be prone to seasonal fur shedding, some breeds more than other.

All of this loose fur can easily get knotted or matted. Rabbits are also prone to swallowing their fur while licking and grooming which can cause deadly intestinal blockages.

Combing and brushing your rabbit fur every day or every few days will also a good way to build trust in your rabbit. It can definitely be a good bonding experience.

Here are some rabbit brushes and combs that you can get from amazon.

  1. Kaytee Pro-Slicker Brush
  2. Dasksha Rabbit Brush and Grooming Glove
  3. Small Pet Select Pet HairBuster Comb

5. Rabbit Toys

Rabbits are playful animals, they love to bounce around and toss around their toys. Pet rabbits can get bored quite easily, they need lots of enrichment throughout the day. Not having enough stimulas in their life can lead to them getting lathargic, obese and even fall into depression.

Toys are also an incredible way to bond with a new rabbit, they can get and hold the attention of the most restless bunny and encourage them to divert their energy into safe toys rather than destructive behavior.

i. Hiding Spot

Rabbits are prey animals that live in underground burrows, their natural instinct is to hide whenever they are spooked. Having a safe space to hide often gives them the confidence to explore their surrounding without being wary.

Having a safe space in the home helps to brighten their mood as well as helping new rabbits in getting accustomed to their surroundings.

Place the hiding spot in a corner and put a few pellets in it at first. This will help introduce it to your rabbit and soon enough it may become your rabbit’s favorite corner of the house.

  1. Spring Fever Rabbit Hideout
  2. Hand Crafted Grass House
  3. Niteangel Rabbit Bed Hideout
ii. Rabbit Tunnels

Tunnels are another way to stimulate your rabbits to run and binky around. All rabbits love going through tunnels as it feels like home to them as in their natural habitat they live in underground burrows called warrens which may have many layers of tunnels with multiple openings on the surface.

Again, make sure your that you introduce your rabbit to any new additions to its habitat by luring them in with some pellets or fruit treats and let the bunny take over from there.

  1. Akiopets 3 Way Pet Tunnel
  2. Paws Road Collapsible Tunnel
  3. Eenk Pet Tunnel & Hideout
iii. Chew Toys

Rabbit teeth keep growing throughout their life, since their diet consists of mainly hay and grasses which wear down their teeth. Keeping rabbit teeth under control by providing them safe toys to chew on can prevent dental problems in the long run.

Rabbits love to chew a lot so sometimes it can be quite destructive if they damage your cloths or your furniture. Giving your bunny toys to chew on can be a safe way for them to address their chewing behavior in a controlled manner.

iv. Digging Toys

Digging is also something that is instinctual to pet rabbits. Remember that in the wild rabbits dig burrows in the ground and live in them. Domestic rabbits have also inherited this behavior from their wild cousins.

Digging is a good way for rabbits to release some of their pent up stress as long as it is on some rabbit toys rather than something valuable.

There is a large variety of rabbit digging toys available online but some are better and healthier for rabbits than others. Here are some that we recommend.

6. Rabbit Cleaning Supplies

Even though rabbits are neat freaks themselves you still have to take care of cleaning their enclosure or habitat. Rabbit cages, litter boxes, bowls and bottles as well as their toys require regular cleaning as well as the occasional deep cleaning.

Keeping a rabbit’s habitat clean not improves hygiene in the enclosure, it also helps to keep your house free from the any smells that may arise from their poop or pee.

i. Cage Cleaner

Cage cleaners specially formulated solutions that are made to clean pet animal cages. They contain cleaners which are usually safer for rabbits compared to general bleach or other harsh cleaners.

Rabbit safe cage cleaners help keep your rabbit’s habit squeaky clean as well as removing any nasty pee smells. Here are some of our picks from amazon.

  1. Nature’s Miracle Cage Cleaner
  2. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control
  3. Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat Cleaner
ii. Cage Cleaning Brush

Cage cleaning brushes are designed to clean rabbit cages and litter boxes. They can really help to scrub any mineral stains that collect in their habitat.

Cage brushes can also be used to scoop of any rabbit poops that may remain in the rabbit cage or litter box.

iii. Broom / Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming or a broom is used to get any loose hay off the floor. Getting hay out of carpets can be quite difficult without it.

Having a good vacuum cleaner can also help in getting out any loose fur of your bed or sofa. Rabbits can shed quite a bit if fur throughout the year. Getting all of this fur out can prevent lint in the washing machine.

7. Rabbit Carrier

Traveling with a rabbit can be quite a challenge, most rabbits can easily get stressed when taken out of their familiar environment. Since rabbits are prey animals they can get spooked by city sounds like car horns or dogs barking.

That being said, some traveling like taking the bunny to the vet or moving to a different house is inevitable. Make sure that rabbit is completely secure and comfortable when traveling.

Some rabbits may enjoy going out, these days many rabbit owners take their pets out for walks or to meet a friend. Each rabbit is different and it is upto us to respect how much the bunny is comfortable going out and not put them in a situation that can be traumatic for them. 

i. Carrying Crate

The most secure way to travel with a bunny rabbit is to take them along in a rabbit carrying crate. These are specifically designed to keep rabbits comfortable and safe from outside stimulus.

They are usually built out of solid plastic to provide protection to the bunny in a car ride but these days carrying crates made out of fabric are also popular as they are more comfortable for the rabbit.

The most popular ones rabbi carrying crates on amazon are

  1. Petmate Two Door Rabbit Crate
  2. Midwest Spree Travel Pet Carrier
  3. Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag
ii. Harness / Leash

These days rabbit harnesses and leashes are all the rage. Rabbit leashes allow pet rabbits to be walked while keeping them safe and secure. Leashes usually come with a harness that can be worn by the rabbit.

Some rabbits will be more comfortable going out in a leash than others. If you feel that your rabbit is scared or uncomfortable then it is best to not put them in a leash.

Here are some of the most comfortable rabbit leashes that I’d recommend.

iii. Rabbit Carrying Backpack

Another novelty yet quite popular ways to travel with a rabbit is the rabbit backpack. It is a backpack with holes and a window for the bunny to look around.

Some rabbit are perfectly at home, soaking in the sights in one of these rabbit backpacks but some rabbits may not like it at all. Again, make sure that the bunny is comfortable at all times.

Some popular rabbit carrying Backpacks on amazon are

8. Emergency Kit

A pet emergency kit is something that all rabbit owners should have. If your bunny ever gets injured while playing or clipping their nails, having the supplies at hand to provide quick first aid can help the rabbit recover faster.

Treating small injuries and illnesses at home until you can get your rabbit to a vet may even save their life. Ailments like GI Stasis, sepsis or infections become serious very quickly if not treated effectively.

Learn more about dealing with an emergency for a rabbit in our article, 17 Must Have Items For A Pet Rabbit Emergency Care Kit

9. Final Thoughts

Having a rabbit checklist at hand can not only speed up shopping for rabbit supplies, it will also make sure that you do not forget anything that you might need later on.

Keeping the essentials at hand can greatly reduce the stress for bringing a new rabbit home.

If you find this list helpful then do share it with your friends and connect with us over on our social media if you have something that you’d like us to add to our rabbit checklist.

You can also check out some of the other article we have written for first time rabbit owners. Here are a few that we recomend

We would love it if you also save the pin below to your Pinterest for quick reference. See you all next time.


I love pet rabbits and have been living with them since I was a kid. I started this website with the aim to share what I have learned about pet rabbits over the years.

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