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Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon? All That You Need To Know!

If you have a pet rabbit at home then you must have wondered, can rabbits eat Watermelon?

If you want to give your rabbit some healthy treats then Watermelon can be an excellent choice. It is easily digestible and low in sugars (compared to other store bought treats) which can upset a rabbit’s tummy.

Watermelons is a great summer fruit for rabbits. It is made out of 90% water so it helps your rabbit hydrate effectively during hot summer months. It also contains Vitamin A, C & Lycopene which promotes tissue, skin & fur health.

The Lycopene in watermelon also has an anti-inflamatory effect which help to relive pain and keep your bunny active.

Watermelon can be a healthy treat that can be given to rabbits once or twice a month in small quantities. Most rabbits love the sweet juicy fruit and will enjoy eating it.

How Much Watermelon Should I Give My Rabbit?

Most rabbits love the sweet juicy taste of a ripe watermelon. Although watermelons are packed full of helpful nutrients like Vitamins & Dietary Fiber, they also contain unhealthy sugar.

Having too much sugar become a regular part of a rabbit’s diet may be harmful in the long run.

Sugary fruits like watermelons really do cause stomach problems like GI Stasis, they may also contribute to obesity in a pet rabbits.

The best way to add watermelons to a rabbit’s diet is by using it sparingly as a treat. A small piece once or twice is the ideal amount. I recommend not more than 2 tablespoons worth per two lbs of body weight.

Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon Rind?

Watermelon rind or water watermelon peel is the green outer layer of a watermelon.

We humans would just toss the watermelon rinds into the bin after eating the fruity red part but, it is perfectly edible for rabbits.

Watermelon rinds actually contain much more dietary fiber compared to the flesh of the fruit. It also contains much less sugar.

If your rabbit wants to eat watermelon rinds then go ahead and let them eat it up. This can be a good way to reduce waste and and a healthy watermelon alternative for your bunny.

Just remember to thoroughly wash and rinse the watermelon before slicing it to remove any harmful chemicals or wax from the skin.

Can Rabbits Watermelon Seeds?

You must have heard the saying that if you swallow watermelon seeds they grow in your stomach. Although the saying is far from the truth and watermelon seeds are perfectly fine for us humans to eat.

In fact, watermelon seeds are an important ingredient in some cuisines.

But when it comes to rabbits, watermelon seeds may be quite dangerous. Since both white and black watermelon seeds  can easily get stuck in a rabbits food pipe.

Rabbit find it hard to chew on seeds and they cannot easily digest intact watermelon seeds either. So it may be difficult to pass it with their stool as well.

That is you should avoid giving your rabbit watermelon seeds, try to remove as much as you can from watermelon or get any seedless variety.

Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon Plants & Leaves?

Watermelon plants are vines with large branched leaves leaves. They grow and fruit on the ground. Since this plant grows all around the world, rabbit do eat them from time to time.

The most edible part of the watermelon plant (other than the fruits) are the leaves. Wind rabbit have been known to nibble on the in gardens and farms.

The stems may be less palatable to rabbits as they are tougher and much more fibrous. That being said, watermelon leaves and plants are not the best food for rabbits.

To learn a bit more about the perfect vegetables your rabbits can eat read The Balanced Rabbit Diet Guide – Feeding Rabbits Simplified

What Other Types Of Melons Can Rabbits Eat?

Melons might not be the ideal food for rabbits but they do make for a healthy and tasty treat.

Watermelons are the most popular melon consumed in the US and mostly around the world. But there are plenty of other melons that rabbits can safely eat.

Cantaloupe Melons

Cantaloupe melons are the second most popular melon that rabbit can eat. They are known for their health benefits as they are full of Vitamins A & Antioxidents.

Rabbits love the orange flesh of the Cantaloupe but they should not be given the seeds of the fruits.

Galia Melons

The Galia Melon is a hybrid of the Cantaloupe Melon and the Honeydew Melon. It is a pale green and juicy fruit with a mild sweet taste so pet rabbits love it as an occasional treat.

Honeydew Melons

Perhaps the healthiest of the three, Honedew Melons are quite similar to Galia Melons. They have a mildly sweet taste and are quite low in calories.

They also have a lot of Vitamin A & B which are really healthy for pet rabbits.

What To Do If Rabbit Gets Stomach Ache After Eating Watermelon?

Fruits containing lots of sugar tend to cause stomach problems in rabbits when they consume them in large quantities.

Pet rabbits have a tough time digesting fruits or other sugary treats, as a result gas builds up in their stomach and the suffer from Stomach ache, Bloating or even GI Stasis.

Although Watermelon does not contain as much suger as other fruits, but they do have some. That is why we must limit how much watermelon we give to our rabbits at a time. We should also reduce sugar in our rabbit’s diet from other sources.

If you suspect that your rabbit is having a stomach ache after eating watermelon the contact your vet immediately. You should also consider proving emergency care if needed while you get your rabbit to a vet.

Remember to always be mindful of your bunny’s health and keep a Pet Rabbit Emergency Care Kit at hand.

Alternative Fruits To Watermelon For Rabbits

There are many alternative fruits to watermelon that can be included in a rabbit’s diet.

Fruits should not be more than 10% of a rabbit’s diet as they contain a large amount of sugar. But they also contain vital nutrients like Vitamins & Minerals which are essential for rabbits.

Its a good habit to give your bunny a variety of fruits to keep their taste buds engaged. Some common fruits that rabbits can eat are

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Cherries
  • Plums
  • Kiwi
  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Pineapples

Read more about the best fruits for rabbit on What Can Rabbits Eat? Rabbit Food Guide


Watermelon can be a wonderful addition to your rabbit’s diet. Nutritious and tasty, I bet your bunny is going to love you for giving them the occasional watermelon treat.

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